FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER OVER $39 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST ORDER(CODE:GET10) Costs around 10 cents a year to power

No wires. No batteries.
Installs in seconds.

Simple installation

Step 1: Turn power off to outlet and remove cover plate
Step 2: Insert SnapPower GuideLight over outlet
Step 3: Secure screw and enjoy!

5 Star Reviews

'These are pretty great!...Slick, clean design,
easy install, great service!...
The light quality is also great!'
-Fateh K.
'We bought this because my kids wouldn't
leave the hall night light alone!
Was very easy to install.'
-A.S. Price
'What an absolutely AMAZING product! I am floored that something so simple as this actually works as well as it does!'
-Ronald E.
'These are SO rad!!!
I started with 4 and came back for 6 more.
So elegant and just enough lighting.
GENIUS idea!!'
-Bonnie M.
'The PERFECT Pathway Light
and So Easy to Install!'
-Barbara G.

Designed with

you in mind

Free up your outlets

Get rid of your bulky plug-in night-lights! We’ve designed an innovative solution for home lighting that leaves both outlets free.

Unlimited lighting potential

We help you get that premium lighting you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Designed to look like your standard outlet cover and blends in with any home decor.

Lighting in any room.

Bedrooms. Bathrooms. Kitchens. Hallways.

Whether it be pathway lighting to help you get around at night, or that premium look all around the house that you’ve always wanted, our GuideLight products work in any room in your home.


$6.77 /$16

Installs in seconds, no wires, no batteries
LEDs last up to 25+ years
Automatic On/Off sensor



Works on switches where a single lightswitch controls the overhead lights
Installs in seconds, no wires, no batteries
Auto On/Off sensor with Bright & Dim settings
Softly diffused LED light bar